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    EA Games to Tiger: Golf Pros Before Hos!

    Tiger, Video Game, PGA tour online Courtesy Electronic Arts

    Tiger Woods the athlete is temporarily nonexistent. Tiger Woods the product spokesman is $12 billion in the hole. Tiger Woods the husband is something we'll leave up to Elin Nordegren. But Tiger Woods the magazine cover boy and video game franchise face? He's still doing pretty good.

    EA Games announced this morning that it's moving ahead as planned on a new game featuring the off-the-grid golfer.

    Eight months in development, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online will launch in open beta later this month.

    As for why EA continues to stand by its reputation-challenged frontman? The gaming giant cites his prowess on the green, not his indiscretions off it.

    "Our relationship with Tiger has always been rooted in golf," EA Sports President Peter Moore writes in a blog post. "We didn't form a relationship with him so that he could act as an arm's length endorser. Far from it. We chose to partner with Tiger in 1997 because we saw him as the world's best, most talented and exciting golfer.

    "By his own admission, he's made some mistakes off the course. But regardless of what's happening in his personal life, and regardless of his decision to take a personal leave from the sport, Tiger Woods is still one of the greatest athletes in history."

    Whether he's the type of greatest athlete parents and fans are willing to support him remains to be seen.

    Just as it does with Nordegren.

    The Swedish beauty—who, incidentally, celebrated her 30th birthday on Jan. 1—has finally returned stateside from her Christmas vacation. She, along with kids Samantha and Charlie, are now back in their Windermere, Fla., home.


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