If Jonathan Rhys Meyers‘ creepy voice-overs from The Tudors taught us anything, it's that you have to go behind the legend to really know the forces that transform lives into lore. And thanks to Ridley Scott, we can now stop racking our brains trying to figure out what turned Robin Hood into the charming, wisecracking animated fox we all love, the Kevin Costner version we laughed at and the Cary Elwes-Mel Brooks version we didn’t.

Scott and Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood (sans green tights) appears to be a product of having been deep in the suck during the medieval wars between the English and the French. The trailer gives us plenty of battle scenes to prove this, and at one point a hand slowly drops gold coins into a cup, implying that at a point between all the fighting, archery lessons and lusting after Maid Marian, our hero's attitudes toward finances and economics shifted and he started down the path to immortality and a May 2010 release date.


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