Now that John Mayer's turned 32, is he ready to stop being such a player?


While promoting his new album, Battle Studies, the notorious player (face it, his exes list reads like a Who's Who of Hollywood) said he actually wants to explore his picket-fence options with somebody special.

"Everybody wants to settle down," he told E! News. "If my first relationship had gone right, I'd be married by now and have babies. I'd be like 'I'm with my high school sweetheart.' "

Well obviously that didn't happen, but John also says all of his relationships had the potential to go all the way...

"Any one of them are designed to last," he added.

That should make Jen Aniston happy to hear, huh?

Speaking of Jen, he refused to answer any questions directly about her, but he did talk Twitter.

First he said it's "dumb"—then went on to brag about his 2.5 million followers and wax about being the voice of Twitter.

Whatever you tweet say, John!


John Mayer's not married yet, but maybe one day, he'll make it into our Hunky Hollywood Husbands gallery. Dare to dream!

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