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Welcome to the climactic final battle of Vampire Wars! We've been pitting three structurally similar vampire-tastic TV series against each other, and now it's time to decide which show has the sexiest vampire with a heart of gold. These guys are built to kill and eat nubile young things, but in each case, a chance encounter with a very special nubile young thing causes them to instantaneously mate for life and get all heroic, violating a bunch of standard protocols of vampire-dom.

Your choices this round are David Boreanaz's Angel from Buffy and Angel, Paul Wesley's Stefan Salvatore from the breakout CW hit Vampire Diaries, and Stephen Moyer's Bill Compton from HBO's supernatural party bus True Blood.

Then, since the "good vampire" industry has been dominated of late by a certain Edward Cullen from the Twilight saga, we're offering you a bonus round, where you can decide between those first three and your boo Edward. (Plus, inspired by on a fan suggestion, we even set up a nonofficial do-over of the Best Heroine round that includes Bella Swan. We're expecting an epic Buffy-Bella throwdown in that category!)

You'll be able to cast your votes throughout Halloween weekend. If you didn't already cast your ballot for Best Heroine, Best Evil (Yet Hot) Vampire, Best Best Friend and Best Xander/Wayward Little Brother, what are you waiting for? We'll declare the final winner of Vampire Wars on Monday in the spoiler chat. (Hint: Things are looking good for a certain Slayer, so True Blood and Vampire Diaries fans need to step it up if they want a chance at winning!)

Vampire Wars: Best Good Vampire
Who's the best good vampire?
Twilight Bonus Round: OK, now you have to decide between those three plus Edward Cullen. Who do ya like now?
Twilight Bonus Round: If your choices are our three TV heroines, plus Bella from Twilight, who wins?

Did the presence of Edward shake your otherwise stalwart favoritism for one TV vampire over another? And why'd you select your particular fine-looking immortal of choice? Tell us in the comments!


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