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Hear that?


It's the sound of Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) and Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) finally hooking up…in a hot and steamy porno scene, no less!

The only glitch? It's not exactly Jack and not exactly Liz, but it is a sexy version of the two that goes down (courtesy of a porno Tracy Jordan shoots) in the second episode of 30 Rock's new season, and it is guaranteed to make you fans laugh out loud.

Season four of the Rock launches tonight—holler!—and we've chatted up executive producer Robert Carlock for the scoop on what big things he's planning.

For starters we have a big ol' warning for Betty White:

Don't look now, but we think Tracy Jordan is totally trying to kill you!

Tracy Morgan, 30 Rock

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"In our world, two made-up celebrities have died and in the 'celebrity rule of threes,' Tracy thinks he's going to be the third," Robert tells us. "It's the scariest Halloween ever with Tracy trying to get another celebrity to die before him so he can live." (Spoiler alert: This is the episode with guest star Betty White. T.J. better not lay a finger on America's favorite Golden Girl. We're just sayin'!)

What else? "We're getting back into the office stuff and continuing where Liz left off last year with this potential brush with fame from [Dealbreakers]. Maybe she tries to turn it into a TV show with Jack's help," teases Carlock. After an initial concentration on work, they're hoping to get Liz back on her "quest for elusive happiness."

There will be a new tasty treat on TGS when Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson joins the cast. So far, he's been on for one episode, filling the void in the show of what Jack calls "real America," but Robert promises he'll be back for more. "Cheyenne will be appearing from time to time. We haven't hit this yet, but we've got to get a duet with him and Jane Krakowski."

Jack McBrayer tells us the third, Halloween-themed ep is a Kenneth-tastic affair. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey's characters go down to Kenneth's hometown, Stone Mountain, for a talent search, and some of the characters you see might resemble Kenneth quite a bit. It's like "Where's Waldo?" but with Kenneth's gene pool, so like a zillion times awesomer.

Oh, and remember Liz's "Dealbreakers" idea? Turns out it's now a hit book and mostly based on lovable oaf Tracy Jordan. (One rule reads: "If your husband wears a diamond-studded necklace that says 'open marriage'—dealbreaker." Sound familiar?)

So what does Tracy do to get even with her? He purchases the rights to her life story, of course, and what better way to tell the tale of Liz Lemon than via porno. TGS becomes an adult film set with lots of hot hookups (including the aforementioned Jack-and-Liz action).

It's a start, people. It's a start.

As for tonight's ep, Liz must start the search for a new castmember, and Kenneth starts a strike...

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