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Law & Order Rips the Gosselins From the Headlines

Law and Order Cast, Jon Gosselin NBC Photo: Virginia Sherwood; Amber Matsumoto/LA Dodgers

Just what Jon Gosselin needs: more screen time.

And this time, it's personal fictional.

From the It Was Only a Matter of Time Department comes word that the octodad and Kate Gosselin will be immortalized in an upcoming episode of Law & Order, with the Jon figure appearing as the prime suspect in the death of his wife.

Jim Gaffigan will play Jon-lite (admittedly, not that tall an order) in the Oct. 16 episode, fittingly entitled "Reality Bites." The show unravels as the father of 10 adopted special needs children discovers his wife's body and quickly becomes the person of most interest in the case. Previously hidden affairs and offers of reality TV shows (stop us if you've heard this before) are among the family secrets uncovered by detectives along the way.

Which, salacious as it sounds, still doesn't hold a candle to the drama that is Jon and Kate's real-life legal wranglings…

While attorneys for the duo were due back in a Pennsylvania family court this morning for a ruling on Kate's contempt charge against Jon (and a ruling on whether he'd have to pony up the $230,000 he allegedly drained from their joint bank account), the hearing was unexpectedly postponed until next week.

The wife of the judge presiding over the case reportedy died of cancer early this morning, resulting in the delay.

Kind of puts things in perspective, eh, Gosselins?



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