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    Eddie Cibrian's Ex Doesn't Want to Be LeAnn's Neighbor

    Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi Glanville took a break from her divorce drama with a girls-only getaway to Vegas this weekend. 

    Although it was technically Tao and Lavo's anniversary party, Brandi declared it was also a divorce party for herself.

    But it doesn't sound like she'll be able to forget about her ex-hubby's new love LeAnn Rimes now that Rimes has moved into the neighborhood.

    Glanville tells E! News that LeAnn has moved into a Hidden Hills house just one block from her children's school, just to be closer to Eddie.

    "There's no reason for a single woman to move to Calabasas," Brandi tells E! "It's all families. There are no young people who live here by themselves. If they were living together, I would understand, but they're not."

    Things came to a head between Eddie's former love and his current flame when LeAnn showed up at her son's school...

    "She waited until it was my turn to turn to pick up the kids and pulled out in front of me, waved, threw me a peace sign and smiled," Glanville tells us. "Then she sent me a text saying, 'Just so you know I was doing a walk through of my new house.' "

    Brandi and Eddie officially filed for divorce in August.

    "It's too much too soon," Glanville says of her new neighbor. "We live in a really small town."

    Reps for Rimes and Cibrian did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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