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'Til Death's Lindsey Broad Talks Season Four

'Til Death, Joely Fisher, Brad Garrett, Lindsey Broad, Timm Sharp Patrick Wymore/FOX

The prodigal daughter returns on tonight's 'Til Death fourth season premiere—and it ain't pretty.

Eddie and Joy's daughter, Ally, played by Lindsey Broad, is home from the Everglades with some surprising news. "We are married, sort of," Lindsey says of Ally and the less-than-favorable Doug (Tim Sharp). "Obviously we have to get officially married, so you have that coming down the pike."

Maybe way down the pike, because the twosome end up living with the parentals—in their backyard. "It's going to do a constant back-and-forth between the house where her parents live and the RV in the backyard, and then the clash of her parents and her boyfriend," promises Lindsey. And there's more...

Speaking of clashing, when we asked if her folks will ever come around, Lindsey laughed: "If by 'come around' you mean just tired acceptance, then yes, as much as they have to. Enough to keep him around for the season."

Any chance the pair will get out of their camp-out living situation?

"My parents might decide that enough is enough with us living in an RV and could end up closer in some way." Sounds like the kiddos are heading home. "That might end up transpiring," teased Lindsey.

As for the impending nuptials, fans have a colorful reception to look forward to. "We have an animated episode. We got to use cartoon voices, and they have these amazing animators who are doing dream sequences for the wedding in four different styles of animation," shares Lindsey. "We all have a different style."

'Til Death airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on Fox.


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