Kanye, I'm happy for you and Ima let you finish, but your rude-to-T.Swift moment and Internet meme makes you one of the biggest laughingstocks of all time. OF ALL TIME!

OK, we all agree on that, but what was the funniest Kanye riff of the week? Was it Kanye cutting off Obama or Obama calling Kanye a jackass? Maybe interludes of Kanye interruptus featuring dreamer Martin Luther King Jr., lousy free-throw shooter Shaquille O'Neal, vampire hottie Robert Pattinson or bromance boys Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey? Or perhaps you preferred Jack White of the White Stripes "doing the Kanye" at the Toronto film fest? Take your pick in the poll below or give us your alternatives in the comments section.

Best West Digs
Which was your favorite riff in the Week of Kanye?


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