Wil Wheaton says, "Don't be a dick!"

But really, no word better describes Chaos, the cunning computer hacker Wil plays in Wednesday's episode of Leverage. In "The Two Live Crew Job," Wheaton faces off against techno-wizard (and self-professed Star Trek fan) Hardison (Aldis Hodge). Actually, each member of the Leverage team confronts their bizarro-world counterparts in a good vs. evil art heist.

Are you ready for wicked Wil? If so, check out our exclusive sneak peek of Leverage above to see Chaos and his criminal cohorts...and read on to hear what our favorite O.G. (Original Geek) recently told reporters about his guest-starring role.

Will Wheaton, Leverage


If you've had the pleasure of reading Wil's blog, you know the man is a gifted writer, so let's just hear about his Leverage role in his own words, shall we?

Wil Wheaton on Leverage and Star Trek: "Hardison makes Star Trek jokes all the time and nobody gets them. It just happened to be a cool bit of additional meta-humor that I get to be the guy they call Kobayashi Maru—which, I gotta tell you, kind of made me feel cool for about five minutes."

Wil Wheaton on a Possible Chaos Comeback: "If the opportunity were to arise, the amount of time that it would take for me to say yes would be directly related to how long it took me to open up my email and type three letters."

Wil Wheaton on Wil vs. Chaos: "I would consider myself an early adopter of a lot of the Internet technologies that a lot of people take for granted these days. I love my computer. I love the Internet. I absolutely love technology, and it's still a very, very big part of my life."

Wil Wheaton on Chaos vs. Hardison: "If you ask Chaos, he would tell you Hardison dreams of one day being half as competent and skilled and accomplished as he is. If you asked Hardison, he would [say] it's just adorable that Chaos holds this opinion of himself."

"[Hardison and Chaos] are not very different from the—computer enthusiasts, we'll say, that I've known throughout my life. If you spend any time online and you are part of this culture, of course you know a guy like Hardison. He may not be [remotely manipulating] motion sensors and bank accounts, but he is certainly sitting there quoting the crap out of obscure sci-fi movies and then being like physically wounded when nobody gets it. I think I may have been that guy from time to time."

Wil Wheaton on Geek Love: "Growing up, [I thought] I was the only kid on my block and in my school that was into Star Trek. I was really a geek. I had a pop-up book about how computers work, [and] carried the thing with me everywhere I went and pretended that it was a laptop—before laptops existed. You know, one of the reasons I love going to science fiction conventions and comic conventions is because I can find other people who are just like me and we are in an environment where not only is it OK to dress up in a costume, but you want to impress people with how hard you worked to put the thing together—and that’s awesome."


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