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Judge Wants No Messing With Octokids' Money

Nadya Suleman

Now that there are thousands of dollars apiece in their future, a judge wants to make sure Nadya Suleman's children have plenty left in their pockets for chewing gum, baseball cards and Barbie dolls.

Or for whatever kids are into these days.

At the request of legal crusader Gloria Allred and child-star watchdog group A Minor Consideration, a guardian will be appointed to oversee the finances of Octomom's 14 kids, who will be collectively earning $250,000 over the next three years to appear in a reality show.

"I'm indifferent, totally indifferent," Suleman said outside the courthouse when asked her response to the ruling.

Are we the only ones who find that answer...insufficient?

Allred and A Minor Consideration president Paul Petersen filed suit in May to ensure that Suleman's first six children and her infamous octuplets were properly compensated for any media-related endeavors.

Suleman's attorney, attributing the case to self-promotion on the plaintiffs' part, had filed papers seeking a dismissal of Allred and Petersen's complaint.

"Since she has chosen this path, we believe that the babies are entitled to remuneration, since much, if not most, of the compensation appears to be for the use of their images, in print, on television and on the Internet," Allred said at a news conference in May.

Filming on the as-yet-untitled series, which the Suleman family is working on with Breaking Bonaduce producer Eyeworks U.K., is expected to kick off Sept. 1.

The youngsters will each earn $250 a day whenever the cameras are rolling, according to the contract filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court.


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