Heigl Gets Very Good Look at Ugly Costar's Manhood

    Eric Winter, Katherine Heigl, The Ugly Truth Sony Pictures

    Katherine Heigl worked hard to make sure it was a quickie.

    She did her best to limit the number of takes it took to shoot her vibrating-panties orgasm scene in The Ugly Truth.

    "We all had to stay very focused on the scene because she didn't want to do that 15 times," says Eric Winter, who plays her next-door-neighbor love interest in the romantic comedy. "She had to keep it fresh every time. So we focused as a group and she hit a home run."

    That's not to say Winter didn't get a kick out of Heigl's moaning and groaning. "It was hysterical," he says. "It was hard to keep a straight face because I knew what she was going through. It was a lot of eyeballs watching her...She was extremely tired at the end of that day."

    Mr. Winter had a revealing scene of his own, too...

    We first see him—and his rockin' muscled bod—in a towel. "It was my McSteamy scene," he says with a laugh.

    We don't want to give too much away, but Heigl does have a hilarious close encounter with Winter's nearly naked manhood. "I was cool with it," he says. "In the name of good comedy and getting a good rise out of people, it was well worth doing."

    It was actually the last bit he shot in the movie's three-month shoot. "I had to work out constantly throughout the movie," says Winter. "And for three months, I constantly had to pay attention to what I was eating and making sure I was staying committed."

    Yes, we asked the studio behind the flick for a body-baring photo of Winter to share with you. Sadly, they didn't have any. Or any that they would share.


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