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    Spurlock Sizes Up Graphic Novel, Simpsons Doc

    Morgan Spurlock, Super Size Me (poster) Kathbur Pictures

    There's no end to what Morgan Spurlock will do in the name of fast food.

    The director who shot to fame with Super Size Me, the 2004 documentary that offered up a refreshing and humorous critique of America's ongoing love affair with the McDonalds and Burger Kings of the world, is now working on a companion graphic novel about the weighty subject.

    Per the Hollywood Reporter, Supersized: Strange Tales From a Fast Food Culture will find Spurlock penning strange stories that—you guessed it—revolve around the junk food eateries that have come to dot the global landscape and define Western culture, from highway exits and airports to gas stations and suburban strip malls.

    We'll buy that for a dollar!

    Helping guide the reader through the tale will be a clown character named MC Super-Size Me, which the helmer hatched to help promote his movie.

    Spurlock and his company, Warrior Poets, is joining forces with Dark Horse Comics to publish the original comic, which true to form will also have a few subtle lessons to impart about good nutrition in a format that excites young readers.

    will hit store shelves sometime this spring.

    Aside from the occasional Big Mac attack, the filmmaker appears to have a thing for strawberry-iced donuts as well. You know, the ones that make Homer Simpson so happy!

    Speaking of The Simpsons, FX announced last week that it has hired Spurlock to produce and direct a documentary program celebrating everyone's favorite four-fingered animated family.

    The Simpsons' 20th Anniversary Special in 3-D on Ice! will be a heartfelt tribute to Homer, Bart and the rest of the gang and explain how the 'toon became a pop culture phenomenon.

    The documentary premieres Jan. 14 on Fox.


    Check Out E! Online's coverage of The Simpsons 20th Anniversary.


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