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    Sienna Miller Unleashes the Fury at Radio Man

    Sienna Miller Don Arnold/Getty images

    Whatever you do, don't mention Balthazar Getty to Sienna Miller.

    Yesterday on Australia's Matt & Jo radio show, Adam Richard interviewed the bombastic blonde and her G.I. Joe castmate, Rachel Nichols. Wisely beating around the bush, Richard asked Nichols about sharing screentime with Getty when they both worked on Alias.

    She responded sweetly—if you consider "he's definitely not ugly" sweet.

    However, when the DJ dared asked Miller if she knew the married man with whom she's been spotted trotting topless around the globe, things went a bit sour.

    "Oh piss off," she ranted. "Honestly, we're here to talk about a film. You've called us 'scrags,' 'bitches,' 'knocked up.' We're not here to talk about him. But, yes, as you know, I do know Balthazar. What a scoop! Congratulations. You're really, really clever."

    Richard reacted with surprise and a heavy dose of amusement.

    "I didn't mean to step on your toes," he said.

    "Well you're really going there, mate," she warned. "Any other revelations for your listeners?"

    Miller wasn't feeling the radio man from the get-go, accusing him of being a misogynist and calling him a "douche bag." When he asked her if she was a bad girl in real life, she insisted, "No, I'm an actress."

    Jude Law's former love interest must have been really upset about how the whole interview went down, because the next day, she wet her pants!

    Something tells us Richard got the last laugh.


    Regardless of who she's calling a douche bag, Sienna always looks hot. She's in some sizzling company in our Gratuitous Gallery of the Gorgeous Gals of Summer.


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