Jillian Harris, The Bachelorette


Oh, Jillian.

Everyone watching The Bachelorette believes that music bad boy Wes Hayden truly pulled the wool over your eyes. He even admitted to having a girlfriend in his postelimination limo ride back to the rock he crawled out from under.

So how could you not see it and how can you still think this...?

"We'll never really know," Jillian told E! News last week about whether Wes really had a girlfriend or not. "Well, we know he came there for his career—but we'll never really know if he's got a girlfriend or not. I don't think the world will ever see the Wes I saw, even a glimpse of the Wes I saw."

Doesn't she even want to get to the bottom of it? "No, I've never been that kind of girl, though," she continued. "I'm like, live and let live, and I want everyone to be happy from all of this. Whatever everybody thinks he did wrong, I can see that, and I'm obviously disappointed in a lot of the things he said, but I'm forgiving, and I want him to be happy."

Viewers (and readers of Trista Sutter's E! Online blog) went crazy when Jillian chose to believe Wes over nice guy Jake Pavelka, who was brave enough to break the bad news to her. "I felt bad for Jake because I felt like he thought he had to tell me this and that this was his responsibility, but it's not his responsibility. It's my responsibility." Jillian added, "I'm a smart girl, and I have a good judge of character, so I would have figured it out."

As seen in the clip below, Jillian says there are still more hurdles ahead on the show before finding her "happy ending." E! News also caught up with Jake, who talks about guy stuff; David Good, who can't stop trash-talking Juan Barbieri and who does not have kind words for poor Jill; and Tanner Pope, who is still talking about his foot fetish and how he can tell if a girl is hot or not just by looking at her toes. Enough already!

Oh wait, want more? Tune into ABC Monday night (8-10 p.m.) for The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All.


What do you think of Jill's take on Wes? How about David's comments? Sound off below. And don't forget to check back on Tuesday for another blog from Trista Sutter.

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