Halle Berry


Halle Berry, spotted with her whole gorgeous fam in tow in Miami. The Berry bunch hung in the Miami Design District, shopping for furniture. (No IKEA for this couple!)

Halle wore a black sundress, her BF Gabriel wore a gray T-shirt and shorts, but their fabbest accessory was their adorable baby Nahla. They also had a male designer-type with them, showing them around the place.

They were "looking beautiful and super-friendly" in the store, says our source who couldn't get enough of the presh trifecta. When Hal & Co. went to leave, they had to go back inside because it started pouring on them. Are they leaving H'wood and moving to Fla. for good? Why do all the good ones always leave, while Lohan refuses to go away?

 One superstar away from home, too, was...

Jay-Z, celebrating the nation's 233rd B-day by performing at the Palms in Las Vegas. Jay put on quite a show, with babes like Rihanna dancing to his tunes, but the real action happened when the curtain closed.

The rap mogul played round after round of blackjack at a high-stakes table in the hotel's casino until 4 in the morning! Beyoncé wasn't around to be her hubby's good luck charm, but Jay Z would have to lose big time to be even the slightest bit worried about money.

Another non-RiRi celeb checking out Jay's show was...

Adam Levine, walking through the Palms casino post-hip-hop show. The Maroon 5 frontman hung in Sin City with about, oh, close to a dozen of his closest buds, all bros and no hos. Surprising, since we hear Ad loves to flirt with ladies of all fame levels.

Another dude with a similar taste in hitting on females was...

Alec Baldwin, doing some male bonding with a group at the Grand Havana Room. A.B., in a zipped-up, cotton Polo jacket and loafers (such grandpa get-up) smoked Cubans, ate sushi and drank mineral water with his group of older gents, reading aloud about his blog feud with CNN's Jack Cafferty.

Alec really can't shut his mouth for a sec, can he? Fine by us—makes our jobs more interesting!

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain and Martin Haro

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