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    Billy Burke Changes His Robsten Tune...Kinda

    Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Billy Burke Frank Micelotta/Getty Images; Michael Bezjian/Getty Images

    Hope overlooked-cutie Billy Burke remembers this part of our interview! When we ran into him at the Vision Awards in Beverly Hills over the weekend, we first asked B.B. about R.Pattz being worth all the hype. He concurred that he is, then oddly twittered later he couldn't quite recall saying so, which is totally weird.

    Also at Vision with Billy, we pressed for all things Robsten with the same Q we talked to Ms. Ashley Greene about: Why are fans determined for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to completely be together or completely not—why no in-between?

    We know you Twi lovers remember Burke's first infamous Robsten denial, but this time around—call it positive thinking—we think Billy's strong no, has turned into a soft maybe.

    Check it out:

    "At first when I heard the rumors, I said bulls--t, pardon my French," Burke told us. "I think fans want to believe what they see, but you know what I say? Leave [Rob and Kristen] alone! Who knows what's going on, only they do, but people should just let the kids be."

    There's hardly any confirmation there folks, but we think B.B. joins the rest of the world in not totally knowing, or understanding, what Robert and K.Stew have going on. We agree with the spirit of his sentiments, though. Coming from a source that reports on Rob and Kris 24/7, we wish we could leave them alone and let them just bask in their Robsten-ness. But then—what kind of gossip column would we be?

    Besides, they're hot, they know it, we know it, why pretend that little cold-blooded-hot-blooded romance isn't going down? Stupid!

    Twitter P.S.: Billy, with comments like "I must address tucheer83's comments about my hair—back off chick. I'm an actor not a model. Dig?" you need to Twitter more often boyfriend! Too funny.

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