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    The Most Awful Celeb in Hollywood—Final Round!

    Nadya Suleman, Spencer Pratt NBC/Paul Drinkwater, Chris Polk/Getty Images

    The search for The Most Awful Celeb in Hollywood started with 128, and over the past month, you've narrowed it down to only two. The distinction of Most Awful Celeb in Hollywood is neck and neck between Spencer Pratt and Octomom Nadya Suleman!

    Who woulda thunk actual Hollywood heavyweights—a convicted murderer (Phil Spector), a guy put on trial for child molestation (Michael Jackson) and a hypocritical drunk who just knocked up his current girlfriend while still married (Mel Gibson)—would be knocked out by two notable names with not an ounce of talent between them?

    Before you cast your all-important vote, let's get into each celeb's totally heinous crimes:

    Spencer Pratt: Self-promoting, big-headed supporting star of The Hills. Earns millions each year simply by dork-breathing in front of a camera. Nasty to girlfriend Heidi's sister Holly while she was staying with them. Beat up little sister Stephanie's ex boyfriend Jason Wahler. Directs horrible music videos. Spread false sex-tape rumors about Lauren Conrad. Grows a creepy flesh-colored beard. Has a complete lack of privacy. Doesn't know American marriage licenses aren't valid in Mexico or that silly surgical masks don't prevent swine flu. Hired paparazzi to photograph his second wedding. Refuses to not go away anytime soon.

    Octomom: Took fertility pills in order to have octuplets after having six kids already. Single mother living off public, media and famous-person assistance. Ultimate infamy sucker. Fired volunteer nannies because she claimed they were out to destroy her. Uses her questionably attained major monies for manicures, shopping, facial distortions. Stole Angelina Jolie's lips (if she just gave them back, perhaps all would be forgiven). Continues to ef up any chance her 14 kids have for a normal life by starring in an upcoming reality show.

    So which one will it be? Vote below!