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Adam Won't Say—So Who Is Gay in Hollywood?

Adam Lambert, American Idol Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Adam Lambert is driving me crazy. Why can't he just say whether he's gay or not? Aren't there a ton of other celebs who are out?
—AdamForever, Oahu

Yes, yes, there are celebs who have come barreling out of the closet. But most of them, including Rosie O'Donnell, Cynthia Nixon, Wanda Sykes and Lance Bass, came out way too late in their careers to be considered brave or heroic.

Conversely, there are (a) photos of Lambert making out with a dude and (b) this Lambert statement: "I have nothing to hide. I am who I am." I'm gonna go way, way out on a limb here and say I think Lambert is not straight. Sue me.

I'll also say that if Lambert actually confirms that (and soon), he'll be much more of a man than Clay Aiken—who came out after denying his sexuality for years—ever was.

So who else?

Now: If you've been living in a baobab tree and using flint to make fire, you also may not have heard that T.R. Knight, Professor Dumbledore and Neil Patrick Harris are gay. To their credit, they came out when it mattered—while they were on hits, not after. I won't even go into Ellen and Portia and Rachel Maddow. If you don't know they're gay, you died sometime ago.

But now here's a thing: Is it possible for a celeb to be sorta gay? Check out the evidence:

David Hyde Pierce and Jodie Foster. Both have confirmed same-sex partners without ever saying they were gay.

Pete Wentz, who described his own "possible bisexuality" to Blender magazine, added to Out magazine that he has made out with dudes and that, while having a "relentless heterosexual drive," he also had a "big, stupid crush on John Mayer."

Out mag reports that Foster and Anderson Cooper have "continued to live everyday gay lives while adamantly refusing to come out on the record."

There are also stealth gays. For example, there's Suze Orman, who is out and has a girlfriend but who also isn't really a celebrity, so I'm not sure any of that counts. And lastly, Mad Men's Bryan Batt is gay, but, like that other lady I just mentioned in the last sentence, I've already forgotten who that is. Sorry.

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