Rehab-Bound Redmond O'Neal: Farrah's Cancer Will Make Me Get Clean

    Redmond O'Neal AP Photo/Reed Saxon

    Redmond O'Neal is getting one last chance.

    Following the latest in a long, sad list of screwups, a Los Angeles judge has sentenced the drug-addled spawn of Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett to a fourth stint in rehab.

    Clad in a jailhouse jumpsuit, the 24-year-old O'Neal, who was staring at three years in the clink for violating his probation inSeptember from a January 2008 drug bust , begged for mercy from Airport Superior Court Judge Scott Millington. O'Neal said he was embarrassed by his relapse and April 5 arrest, in which he went to visit a friend at a county detention facility and was caught with heroin.

    He said that his mom's recurrence of cancer, which has left her weighing a scary 86 pounds, has motivated him to kick his drug habit.

    Millington ordered O'Neal to appear at a hearing April 30 to determine if he's eligible for a drug court, which will require him to enter a much more stringent drug treatment program than the one he was previously in under California's Prop 36.

    "He had the Feb. 2008 DUI and drug possesion case that he pled guilty to a year ago and while he was on probation he was charged in the September case with felony possession of methamphetamines," said Los Angeles District Attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison.  "Those were combined today and if they determine on April 30 if he's eligible for the drug court, then those two cases would be combined [under that one sentencing]."

    If Redmond fails that rehab program, that's when he could face prison time.

    Should O'Neal mess up again in that rehab program, the judge warned that's when he wouldn't be so forgiving and Redmond could go to prison.

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