Star Jones

Gary Gershoff/

Star Jones turned 47 today. How did the former View cohost celebrate?

By launching a blog, Positively Star.

She's certainly not taking the lead from Rosie O'Donnell's once much-buzzed-about blog. Where Rosie had lots of bells and whistles, photos and art, Star's is pretty stripped down. There are a couple of posts, two glamour shots and a bio that describes Star as "an American lawyer chick who is free, black and grown."

So, what's she posting about?

In honor of her birthday, she recounts how, when she was 19, she was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in her chest and given just nine months to live.

Obviously, she beat the disease.

"My thyroid was destroyed in the process, which caused me to gain weight over the years," she writes, "but other than a scar down the center of my chest; you'd never know I got a death sentence over 25 years ago. How good is God!"

We say if God really is good, then Star will start dishing in her blog. We're sure she has plenty of untold stories to tell about Barbara Walters, Rosie and, of course, that colorful ex-husband.

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