Debra Messing, Carol Shaw

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Ever wonder how the stars stay looking so good on those red carpets—despite the heat, humidity and pressure of being articulate and charming? We checked in with celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, creator of Lorac Cosmetics, to get her tricks of the trade. 

Who are you working with this year?
I'm doing Debra Messing. I don't know what she's wearing yet, so I won't know what I'm doing until I get there, but in general, her makeup is very clean, classic and glamorous. She's got incredible green eyes and extraordinary lashes, so I usually play up the eyes, do a light lip and pretty, glowy skin.

How do you make sure the stars look good all day and night?
A lot of my products are long lasting, so I'll use my Front of the Line eyeliner and Publicity Stunt mascara that won't run or smudge during the show. I'll definitely use a bit of powder on the face to set the makeup and some luminizing powder to get that red carpet glow.

Do you have to use a lot of extra makeup that day?
You don't have to go overboard, but it's a glamorous night, so you want glamorous makeup. And I do have to put enough on so that it will photograph properly and they don't look washed out.

What about supplies you might send with them?
Everything they bring needs to fit into a tiny evening clutch, so it has to be really compact. Normally, what they'll take is a lip gloss and a little powder puff, especially if they start shining because it's very hot.

Who are you going to be cheering for this year?
Debra! (Messing is a Lead Actress contender for The Starter Wife.) She deserves it. She's gifted, talented...and of course she's going to be the prettiest girl there.

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