Rob Kardashian disappeared on Sunday's Rob & Chyna.

On the episode, Rob and Blac Chyna had an explosive argument, which lead to him blocking her number and going radio silent. After their fight, Chyna decided to attend his grandmother MJ's birthday in San Diego without Rob and it's there that she learned he also blocked Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian's numbers.

While in San Diego, Chyna and Kim had a heart-to-heart about Rob and she told Chyna she hopes Rob "gets it together" for their baby that's on the way.

So where did Rob go and why did he decide to block all of his loved ones' phone numbers?

Take a look at the recap to find out and to see more shocking moments from this episode!

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1. Rob & Chyna Discuss Moving Back in Together: 

After Chyna kicked Rob out of the house, the two have decided it would be better for their relationship to live separately. But after getting their relationship to a "good place" the couple starts to discuss moving back in together.

"Do you wanna move back in together?" Rob asks Chyna. 

"Yeah," she tells Rob.

She then explains, "I know that me and Rob has been going through a lot of things but I'm actually happy that we're talking about moving back in together. Rob has been working on himself, the baby is on its way and it's exciting to know that we're getting everything together before this baby comes."

But, Chyna tells Rob that if he moves back in she still wants him to "be on your stuff."

"Obviously," Rob replies. "I'm trying to get right before and after the baby, til I die. It's a lifestyle so we gotta be healthy."

2. Rob Learns He's "Completely Free of Diabetes":

Rob has been working really hard on his health, so he meets with his doctor to get an update on his body. When Rob meets with Dr. Goglia, he runs a bunch of blood work tests on Rob and an HbA1c test to see how his sugar levels have been over the last three months.

"I'm definitely nervous because my levels of sugar were so high it just freaked everyone out," Rob reveals.

When the doctor runs the test, he says last time Rob's HbA1c was 10.7.

"And that's when I said it's time to go to the hospital, I mean it was bad," Dr. Goglia explains. "Today your HbA1c is 5.7."

Take a look at the clip above to see Rob tell Chyna the exciting news that he's "completely free of diabetes."

3. Chyna Calls Rob's Idea to Start a Clothing Line "Bizarre":

After meeting with his friend to finalize plans to start a clothing line, Rob tells Chyna about his new business venture. When Chyna hears about the idea from Rob, she explains that he should be focusing on his health.

Take a look at the video above to see Chyna's reaction to Rob's clothing line!

4. Rob & Chyna Get Into an Explosive Argument Over French Fries:

The couple is driving in the car when they decide to pick up food, but when Rob's french fries accidentally fall on the car floor, the couple gets into an explosive argument. See what happens during the tense fight in the clip above!

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5. Chyna Decides Living With Rob "Is Not the Best Thing for Us":

Chyna's best friend Paige was ready to move out in order for Rob to move in. But after Chyna and Rob's fight Chyna decides that she wants Paige to stay and that living with Rob "is not the best thing for us" right now.

"I'm kinda like fed up with the whole situation really," Chyna tells Paige.

"Are you gonna breakup with Rob?" Paige asks.

"I don't know but I know we can just not live together," Chyna says.

She then asks Paige, "Can you not leave?"

Chyna explains, "I thought that Paige moving out would be the best idea but now the situation with Rob, I feel as though this is not the best thing for us to be living together if he's going to be doing stuff like this. Paige is my support system, so I kinda need her to stay right now."

When Chyna tells Paige she wants her to stay, Paige agrees and says she's going to "unpack" her boxes.

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6. Chyna Reveals Why She Got Pregnant:

After Rob goes missing, Chyna talks to her mom Tokyo Toni about their relationship and their baby.

"Life is about finding yourself, he hasn't found himself," Tokyo Toni says. "Why did you get pregnant? What did you do that for? Why even do it?"

"Um I got pregnant because I actually wanted another baby...that's just what I wanted to do and how I felt at the time," Chyna explains.

Tokyo Toni then tells Chyna, "My advice to you would be not to move in with him, stop communicating about his issues because he don't care himself. Just like you have to love yourself before you can love somebody else. So he can't love you the way he's supposed to."

She continues, "You just need to go ahead and be a single mom again, it's just simple as that. You gotta believe you know that you gonna be alright. Have your baby, be happy, that's my advice."

Chyna then explains, "I just feel like it's a yo-yo game with me and Rob and I don't know how much longer I can do this because I know once the baby comes things are definitely going to change."

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7. Kim & Chyna Have a Heart-to-Heart About Rob:

After Rob goes missing, Chyna decides to attend his grandma MJ's birthday in San Diego without him. While at the birthday dinner, Chyna finds out that Rob not only blocked her number, but he also blocked his mom and his sisters.

During the party, Kim and Chyna sit down to talk about Rob.

Chyna explains that she wants to be with Rob but it's "frustrating" because he "really thinks sometimes that I don't love him." She tells Kim that she thinks Rob feels this way because she's not very "emotional" and doesn't show a lot of affection and he does.

Kim then says that it "sucks" that Rob "flaked" but there's two sides to every story.

"So I think Rob and Chyna need to sit down and really talk it through so that they can really stop these problems from happening again," Kim says.

She then tells Chyna, "We've all tried to come at him in different ways and with our own personalities and he's not gone for any of it. So it's nothing that any of us have done, it's really within himself. I just hope he gets it together for the baby."

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8. Kris Breaks Down While Talking to Rob:

Rob stops by Kris' house after disappearing and reveals that he was in Las Vegas.

"You all just kinda pissed me off on Sunday," Rob tells Kris. "It wasn't you it was like Chyna and her pushing me, so I just blocked everybody."

Rob explains that he didn't want to hear from anyone, and Kris tries to tell him that he should've check in and let her know he's OK.

"I just want you to be responsible because you're going to have a baby and you can't just leave town," she tells Rob.

A tearful Kris goes on to tell him that when she reaches out to him he should just respond with a simple text.

"All I need is mom I'm good, don't worry, I love you and that would've been one little text," she says. "You're my kid and I just want to make sure you're OK and the more you pull away the harder and more painful it is for me."

"I get it, that's how you are," Rob replies. "Everyone has their own demons, mom."

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