David Boreanaz

Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

A woman named Kristina Hagan has filed a sexual harassment suit against actor David Boreanaz. In an uninteresting panty twist, she hired sexual harassment pit bull Gloria Allred. Considering he was recently exposed for cheating on his wife, so far the year for the Boreanaz's is going not...great. Hagan was an extra on the TV show Bones, which David stars in. I guess he lured her in with promises of getting her better jobs in the acting business. She alleges that there were a couple of incidents in which Boreanaz tried to kiss her and touch her boobies. One incident happened in his car, one in his trailer. In both incidents, she says that he "stroked" himself until he ejaculated. I don't think he sounds like a very nice guy, nor do I condone any sort of sexual harassment unless it takes place on my watch. But somebody should have told this girl that if a guy does harass you, you reject him and then he starts to masturbate...it's OK to leave before he's finished.

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