Mary Weiland, Scott Weiland

Todd Williamson/Getty Images

In a recent interview, rocker Scott Weiland explained where he was while his ex-wife was in labor with their first child.  He was getting a massage.  So…that explains the "ex" part. 

Weiland said that he became "incredibly stressed out" while his wife was having contractions, so he called up a friend and "she gave me a massage." 

Because he was sober at that time, he said he needed something to "take the edge off."  The only "edge" happening in that scenario is the edge of a baby's foot kicking your wife in the coslopus. 

If you can't handle the stress of your wife in labor, you better find a way to deal with it that doesn't involve any kind of spa activity.  The only person that should be getting a massage during labor is the person in labor, a-hole. 

I'd rather have my husband relapse and drink a bottle of whiskey then get a hot stone massage while I'm pushing eight pounds through something that was really only built to manage four to six.

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