Life doesn't always go according to plan.

In this sneak peek clip from Wednesday's all-new Catching Kelce episode, Kansas City Chiefs stud Travis Kelce handpicks Kentucky native Maya to go on the very first group date, and she then must select five other ladies to also join her.

Maya is floating on cloud nine after becoming Travis' first choice, so she devises a sneaky strategy of bringing girls who she feels are "basic" and "boring." Unfortunately, that tactic bombs when it's revealed that the day's activity involves the gym.

"So, pulling up to 24 Hour Fitness, I am taken aback," Maya says. "I spent so much time on my hair and my makeup, and my boobs look great. I better not have done all this just to sweat it off."

As the women arrive, Travis is very surprised and confused at Maya's random choices. "Why these five?!" he wonders. 

He then explains to the group that they will all be filming a workout promo.

"A huge part of being a professional athlete is my brand, and that's built through the companies that I represent," Travis tells them. "I got booked for a commercial shoot and you all will be in the video with me."


This news immediately makes Maya regret her decisions.

"I'm pretending to be excited, and I'm really not," she says. "My whole strategy was to pick girls that wouldn't outshine me, and it's starting to backfire. Lauren owns a freaking gym. Lolo is a personal trainer. And, Veronica's really into fitness. This could backfire big time."

Sorry, girl.

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