Worst superhero ever, no butts about it.

A teaser for Deadpool 2 is airing before fellow Marvel movie Logan and the footage was released this week. It shows Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the red and black badass whose good intentions just...take way too damn long.

The teaser runs like a mini-movie and shows Reynolds' Wade Wilson seeing an elderly man get attacked by a mugger. He ducks into a phone booth and channels Superman as John Williams' famous theme from the 1878 film Superman: The Movie plays.

But unlike the Man of Steel, he is not wearing his Deadpool costume under his clothes and it takes him forever to put it on. So we get a lengthy naked butt shot, and hey, we're not complaining about that.

But he fails in his mission to help the man.

The teaser also features a cameo from Marvel legend Stan Lee, posters for FireflyJoss Whedon's cult short-lived early '00s series starring Nathan Fillion, and the words "Nathan Summers [coming]} painted on the phone booth, leading many fans to speculate that the actor is set to play the Marvel character, aka the superhero Cable, son of Cyclops, in a future project. He and the studio have not commented.

Deadpool 2 is set for release in March 2018.

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