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Disney has been making a lot of sad changes to their theme parks lately, but enough of that depressing stuff. Sure they may have messed with the Tower of Terror and most recently took away the iconic Main Street Electrical Parade, but they totally make up for it with this news. First things first, everybody who has ever seen even one Disney movie has thought about having a dream wedding at a Disney theme park. Don't lie; it's just part of our DNA as Disney-loving humans. Thankfully, you can make that dream a reality and have your wedding at the most magical place on earth. Not only can you get married at cool places like the Italy Plaza at Epcot or the Walt Disney World Railroad Train station, according to Disneyweddings.com, you can now get married at Magic Kingdom Park after dark. Did you just faint a little? Kind of? 

Disney Wedding, After Dark


We told you a while back when the lovelies at Disney World made it possible to get married next to Cinderella's Castle. In case you forgot, the bride gets to arrive in Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, and the whole thing is just as majestic as you would imagine. The only problem is, those weddings are only held in the morning, which means any old Joe and their 900 babies can and will be scootin' past your ceremony. In other words, the park is open to the public during your wedding, which, like, good luck with that if you're not into people peeping into your special day. If you're a little more private, this new nighttime ceremony, which takes place after Magic Kingdom park closes, is just the thing for you and your fellow Disney boo. 

You'll still be able to exchange vows in front of Cinderella's Castle, but with a certain chill factor that only a no-crowds-allowed ceremony could provide. Your wedding is totally up for customization, and you can even have your nighttime reception in Fantasyland. Heck yes. "Imagine riding in Cinderella's Coach down a beautifully lit Main Street, U.S.A. as the majestic Cinderella Castle awaits you in the distance," the site describes. Oh, it's already been imagined, amiright? By the way, you can invite up to 300 guests to your nighttime Disney wedding to share the moment, so there's no excuse for not inviting everyone you know and love. 

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