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Man Bun, Selfie Stick, The Dress

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images/ PacificCoastNews

We're almost certain that at some point in 2015, someone with a man bun used a selfie stick. And we're also almost 100 percent certain that in 2015, someone with a man bun tweeted about The Dress. What were trying to say is that certain things took over 2015, and we're trying to figure out which moment was a legit phenomenon and which moments were totally overrated.

That's where you guys come in! For our Best of 2015 recap, we're having a little tournament to decide what pop culture moment in 2015 was overrated, overblown and/or overused.

McDonald's all-day breakfast that had some strings attached? Everyone Netflix and Chilling? All those damn movie franchise reboots, even though a lot of them were welcome entertainment? (Lookin' at you, Chris Pratt and your raptor crew). Some things were worth the hype. Others...not so much.

Vote for the most overrated thing in each head-to-head match up below and then check back tomorrow for the next round!

Kim Kardashian loves her selfies, and she even has her favorites: