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Are you listening, Tom Hanks

One California high school has launched a campaign in hopes of getting the 59-year-old actor to attend their homecoming dance on October 9. Students at Kerman High School in Kerman, Calif. have taken to social media to try and get the actor's attention, using the hashtag #TomHanks2KermanHighSchool in addition to creating both a Facebook and Twitter page. 

"Our homecoming is huge. It's a small town, about 14,000 people," Margaret Nichols, the school's assistant principal, told ABC News. "Homecoming is a huge event for our whole community so each year we pick a theme. This year it's Tom Hanks movies. And then everyone thought, 'Well, let's try to get him here.'"

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Students have created banners with clever catchphrases, and they're also crafting movie-themed floats using famous Tom Hanks' flicks including BigToy Story and Forrest Gump. The campaign has since gone viral. 

"Our pie in the sky dream would be for him to come be our Grand Marshal, but even a personal shout out on social media or a 15-second video would be great," said Nichols. "Just for him to acknowledge us, the kids would be so excited."

While Hanks has yet to respond to the students, there's still a little more than a month until the homecoming dance. 

Keep up the hashtag momentum, kids! 

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