Could George Hamilton and Alana Stewart be any cuter? We think not.

In an exclusive clip from Sunday's episode of Stewarts & Hamiltons, the besties reminisce and take a road trip to Palm Springs to visit the house they lived in when they were married.

"I loved living in the desert," George says. "All Alana wanted to do was get back to L.A. and to a party and to Hollywood, so we moved to Beverly Hills. Somewhere along the line, it just wasn't working."

Despite Alana's fondness for city life, she is thrilled when they arrived at their old home. "Aww, that was our sweet little house," she says.

Stewarts and Hamiltons


As the pair looks around, Alana finds George's old signature in the driveway. "It's like I did it yesterday," he says.

The couple has fun taking selfies and posing with George's autograph. So much fun, that George eventually admits he thinks they could live together again!

Watch the clip above to find out the reason why!

Tune in to Stewarts & Hamiltons tonight at 9 p.m., only on E!

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