National Dog Day, Golden Retriever Puppies


Note: We call all dogs "puppies," regardless of age. It's much more fun to say "look at the puppy!" when we see them on the street than just "look at the dog." We wanted to clear that up lest you think we are being ageist and only featuring young pooches in this celebration of National Dog Day. Never.

Do we really need an intro to this story? OK, how about this one:


Boom. Nailed it.

No, but seriously look at all these precious puppies celebrating National Dog Day like a bone-afide (see what we did there?) boss:

A photo posted by Irene Bozich (@buckeyerene) on

"I'm smiling because I know how much the world adores me."

A photo posted by John (@jwertz77) on

"Not to brag, but I caught this ball myself."

"It's exhausting being nationally adored."

A photo posted by Ri Ri (@riri_niz) on

"Hurry up and take my photo so I can get to my yoga session."

A photo posted by Jenn Rice (@jeepgal10) on

"I'm the best thing that's ever happened to your Instagram."

A photo posted by @deaner15er on

"Hair game on fleek. I don't know what fleek actually means, but I hear humans use that phrase a lot."

A photo posted by @t17palmer on

"Let my blue eyes pierce your soul."

A photo posted by Don Hartley (@donraldno) on

"Look at my crazy ears! Just look at them! Jealous?"

A photo posted by @anime_blitz on

"This is a very dramatic photo you have taken of me. You have real talent."

A photo posted by Kendraa (@kendraelwoodd) on

"Smiling is my favorite!"

A photo posted by Jess (@jessajustice) on

"If we're not going to the park I will ruin all your selfies for the rest of the week."

A photo posted by ?? N I K K I (@nikkilynnz) on

"When do I get my pet modeling contract, because the world needs to see this face more often."

A photo posted by laur_shaw (@laur_shaw) on

"Aren't I adorable?!"

"I promise I wasn't stealing this to bury it somewhere in the yard so you'd never, ever find it again."

"You know I am rocking this vest like a badass."

A photo posted by Virginia (@virginia35) on

"I have to wear sunglasses because my star is shining too bright."

"Have you seen a fluffier tail?! I think not."

A photo posted by Brady Bippert (@bip36) on

"I'm pretty sure I'm the cutest thing on the planet."

"Tell my admirers to line up in a single file line, please."

A photo posted by Lexi (@lexi_gsd_) on

"Usually I don't like sharing the spotlight, but these little pups are too damn cute."

"Yes, my fur is a perfect color. Want to dye yours to match?"

"Does my face make you happy?"

"I dominate the accessory game."

A photo posted by @lekamori on

"The sun should worship me."

"How sweet are my little spots?!"

Happy National Dog Day to all the puppies out there and their pet parents!

Want to adopt an adorable dog of your own? Go to to find a shelter near you!

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