Sam Rader


Viral Christian Blogger Sam Rader, best known for surprising his wife with a positive pregnancy test, was thrown out of Vlogger Fair in Seattle Saturday for allegedly threatening violence against other attendees.

The incident occurred only one day after Rader created a YouTube video to admit he had used cheating website Ashley Madison. With his wife, Nia Rader, by his side, Sam said in the video that he had been "cleansed" of his sin after praying for forgiveness. According to reports, however, Sam's altercation at the conference had to do with his wife's miscarriage, which was announced shortly after his surprise pregnancy video went viral.

Some attendees gave Sam trouble about the method that he and his wife chose to announce the miscarriage—via YouTube and Twitter—which launched Sam's defensive attack. In a conversation with Gawker, Sam first denied threatening anyone but later admitted to lashing out at one conference goer.

"It was one person, and I didn't make a threat. What happened was there was a couple of fellow vloggers who had ridiculed our family on Twitter regarding the method we were mourning the loss, our miscarriage on Twitter," he told the website. He explained that one vlogger approached him Friday and accused Sam of hurting his family, but Saturday that same vlogger "got in my face" and "put his chest up against mine," per Gawker.

After the run-in, event organizers kicked Sam out for the safety of others. As for whether Sam threatened the vlogger, he insisted, "That's absolutely not true. If I made a threat, it was to the one person, and it was, 'You need to watch out before he messes with my family.'"

Vlogger Fair program director Liz Bradshaw said in a statement that Sam and his wife left for "personal reasons," adding, "VloggerFair prides itself on being an event where our guests and community feel welcome and safe."

Singer/songwriter Meghan Tonjes first accused Sam of threatening other vloggers in a series of tweets Saturday.   

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