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Ryan Phillippe continues to get better with age.

The Cruel Intentions star, 40, took some time off to relax on the beach, but his rock-hard abs took the already-scorching California temperatures and made them even hotter! Pointing away from the ocean with one hand and tucking his other hand in the waist of his bathing suit, Phillippe puts his toned muscles on display while enjoying the sun's rays.

It turns out he wasn't alone during his beachside endeavor! Phillippe also Instagrammed an artsy picture from his day out that features his pal Jeffrey Ross. The pic, which was taken from a distance, shows Reese Witherspoon's ex-husband looking as if he's debating taking a dip. The Secrets and Lies actor referenced the Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage in his caption by joking, "honey mooning w/ @therealjeffreyross we're so happy. thx scotus."

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Although he'll be 41 next month, Phillippe has never looked better. Despite being one of the hottest dads in Hollywood, he consistently jokes about his ever-increasing age. Upon turning the big 4-0, Phillippe tweeted, "having all your kind tweets read to me by my nurse as aged eyes are failing."

Last year he also commemorated his milestone birthday with a throwback YM cover that asked, "Ryan Phillippe, good boy or bad boy?" Cheekily enough, he answered the mag's question, writing, "All these years later & the jury still out."

Even though he played bad boy Sebastian Valmont in cult classic Cruel Intentions, Phillippe clearly has an amazing sense of humor. But he isn't all jokes all the time. The actor gave his daughter, Ava Phillippe, a heartwarming tribute on her birthday last year when he tweeted, "I learned what love truly is."

We can't wait to see what he'll give his followers when he turns 41!

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