Robert Pattinson, Richard Gere

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Could you picture Robert Pattinson as a dad?

After getting engaged to FKA twigs, it's certainly something the Twilight star has had on his mind while he enjoys the next step in his relationship.

And while supporting his new movie, Pattinson was asked by a German publication if he could "imagine becoming a father." His answer may surprise you.

"Definitely, although I still do not know when. Therefore I was so attracted by the role in Life," he told Jolie magazine via Thinking of Rob. "At my age, you do not get so many chances to play a father—and certainly not one who leaves his family in the lurch."

He added, "Personally I imagine it different, of course." Life tells the story of a photographer (Pattinson) for Life Magazine who is assigned to shoot pictures of James Dean.

If that answer wasn't candid enough, Pattinson also opened up about his self-confidence in Hollywood. While many actors may appear to have plenty of coolness on the big screen, the 29-year-old admits to having a few short comings.

"Well, someone who voluntarily stands in front of a camera needs to have a bit self-confidence," he assured the publication. "Nevertheless, I am also shy. And a little control freak. Not the best combination for an actor, because the control has indeed the director…"

He added, "I've always had the feeling of having to prove myself as an actor, as a star, as a human being. This might have kept me more on the ground. Although I have often wished I had a bigger ego—then I might have been able to enjoy the bustle a bit more." 

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