Taylor Swift, Castle


Yes, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are getting serious. And yes, Taylor is a queen in her own right and deserves to live in a castle. But when it comes to whether or not the singer is actually going to purchase a multi-million-dollar manor in the music producer's home country? Not happening.

T.Swift was at the center of some interesting speculation recently, with reports claiming that the blond beauty was eyeing the 16th-century Tower of Lethendy, which is valued at £4.6 million. Located about 14 miles north of Perth, the sprawling property is also only an hour's drive from her boyfriend's family home.

Many were quick to assume that the successful star was going to purchase the royal grounds to be closer to Harris' brood (she's been the subject of similar headlines before), but she took to Twitter to deny the reports herself.

To be fair, the castle would be a pretty awesome pad. Aside from the fact that it's a friggin' castle, it boasts eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two staff cottages, an 18-hole golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts and 40 acres of land.

Do you know how many lavish dance parties/fan listening sessions/baking girls' nights you could have there? Not to mention all the space for her cats Meredith and Olivia to wander around in. But alas, she's not buying it.

"I think that I just decided if [the media] was going to say that about me, that I was boy-crazy and so dependent on men and all that, I wasn't going to give them a reason to say that anymore, and I wasn't going to be seen around any men for years—so that's what I did," Swift said of trying to change her image in her Vanity Fair cover story.

"And what ended up happening was I became happier than I had ever been before. I swore I would never ever get in another relationship if it meant changing who I was, or taking me out of that mode where my friends are everything to me."

Swift never mentioned her boyfriend by name in the article, though she does allude to him. Before Harris came along, she says she was "not looking for anything, not necessarily being open to anything, and only being open to the idea that, if I found someone who would never try to change me, that would be the only person I could fall in love with. Because, you know, I was in love with my life."

With or without a castle.

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