After six years waiting for answers, Pretty Little Liars fans are about to get ALL of them. 

In Tuesday's highly anticipated midseason finale, the ABC Family hit drama will finally reveal the identity of "A," and star Janel Parrish assures that the answer is well worth the wait. She even calls the episode, titled "Game Over, Charles," the show's "most exciting" one ever.

"My jaw was on the floor," Parrish tells E! News' Kristin Dos Santos of her reaction to A's identity. "I found out who A was and I was shocked...then they give all the answers about why A did what A did and how A did what they did and my mind was like, ‘Whoa, finally!' It was amazing."

Of  course, Pretty Little Liars' run is far from over, as there's still more than a season of drama ahead after the A reveal. And instead of sending the Liars off to college, PLL is doing a five year time-jump.

So what is a grown-up Mona like? "She's still Mona, really," Parrish teases. "They're all dealing with post-traumatic stress from what they went through with A, but they've been living in a A-free life for five years and that's wonderful."

Sound too good to be true? That's because it is, as Parrish says Mona and the rest of the girls "are all finally coming back together to Rosewood per Alison's request and they will take a new troubling adventure from there."

Hm...could B be taking over now?!

For even more scoop on PLL's huge A reveal and Mona's love life after the time-jump, press play on our interview with Janel Parrish above now!

Pretty Little Liars' season finale airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC Family. 

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