If it's high fashion you want, George Hamilton is the guy you want in your corner!

In this deleted clip from Sunday's Stewarts & Hamiltons, Sean Stewart attempts to get style tips from George before his Haiti humanitarian trip with sisters Kimberly and Ruby. All is going well, until George decides to give Sean some extra advice.

Sean starts the visit off with a warm hug and cup of coffee with George, when he reveals he needs some style tips, "I'm going on a little vacation with Kim. I wanted to ask you for your advice on what to bring."

And of course, George is ready to help. "Come on. Look at these here, they're color coordinated," he says showing off his ginormous wardrobe before picking out a very unique bright orange jacket for Sean.

Sean's totally on board with the fashion idea, but it's not quite right for the trip. "The only thing, we're going to Haiti, to help out the children out there," Sean says.

George has an idea for that too. "We're talking about Safari outfits," he says while showing off camouflage print tops after taking back the orange blazer.

After picking out a few chic outfits for Haiti, George thinks it's best to warn Sean about what can happen during their trip.

Watch the deleted scene above to find out his hilarious advice.

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