Amber Rose, Instagram


So many boobs, so little time…

Both Amber Rose and Lindsay Lohan tested the Instagram-may-block-you waters earlier by posting separate suggestive selfies showing off their décolletage.

That's right, the two ladies (who aren't exactly new to the whole posting revealing pictures on social media thing) Instagrammed two chesty photos, one only slightly more daring than the other.

The model posted hers earlier this weekend, showing her and a pal wearing equally scandalous outfits where you can see…wait…is that what we think it is? Is that a nipple? Is that tape?! What the heck is going on here, you guys?! CALL INSTAGRAM!

Lindsay Lohan, Instagram


But wait, there's more.

LiLo's bust-filled selfie from this morning was equal parts mysterious and, um, artsy?

The former child star took the selfie wearing nothing but a pair of lace panties and practically flashed her entire boob out for the world to see.

And while you may be thinking, 'Wow, she's really putting herself all out there, huh?'— you'd be happy to know that she did it all to tout her latest travel arrangements. Wonderful!

But enough from us, take a gander if you so choose, and let this serve as a friendly reminder that sometimes Instagram isn't watching…

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