Kelly Ripa sure knows how to party!

The morning show co-host recalled a hilarious story on this morning's Live! With Kelly & Michael that involved a close friend's wedding, pants and fire. Yeah, that's exactly how it sounds.

Ripa began by sharing a story about hosting her close friend's wedding ceremony in her own backyard back in April. "My girlfriend and her husband, I guess he's my guy friend, got married back in April and they had their wedding party in our yard out east in Long Island and we had a nice tent and it was beautiful," she said.

"And their families came from all over Ohio and Michigan and California, and the groom's father is German. So he had all of these German traditions that were really kind of cool, like a lot of great traditions."

Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan

Kelly & Michael

Ripa continued to give some examples: "You sprinkle salt on your wife to keep spice in your marriage, and then you break plates and sweep them up to show how you can work together—and then at the end of the night, and everybody was like really rowdy, we had a DJ, really great food, really fun time—he tells us that you're supposed to rip the pants off of the groom and throw them in the fire for good luck. So we're like, 'OK, we should do this.'"

Uh, what?! That doesn't necessarily seem like the best idea, but hey, tradition is tradition, right?

"So we, at some point, rip his pants off. And I raise a question—are you sure we wanna burn the pants because then he's not gonna have pants? And my girlfriend was like, 'We're burning the pants! It's for good luck!' So we throw the pants in the fire, and I see the groom run over and reach into the fire to get his cellphone and his wallet out of the pants. So now the pants are burning, my friend Christian is in his underpants, he's like dancing around the party in his underpants."

Oh wait, there's more. "His dad's like, 'Why is he in his underpants?' And we're like, 'Because of the tradition to burn the pants in the fire,' and he's like, 'I just made that up.'"

Whoa, dad's a total trickster! And those poor pants! But at least she got a good story out of it.

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