Lil Flip

Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Perhaps Lil Flip should try to stay within the speed limit.

The 31-year-old rapper, whose real name is Wesley Eric Weston, got into more trouble than he bargained for when he was reportedly pulled over for speeding in Shreveport, La., and ended up getting busted for allegedly having drugs and an assault rifle in tow. 

Lil Flip was reportedly driving 86 mph in a 75 mph zone when cops stopped him in his 2010 Dodge Challenger, and allegedly found marijuana and an illegally owned Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle in his vehicle, according to the Shreveport Times.

The Houston hip-hop star and his passenger were both arrested, with Lil Flip getting booked on charges of speeding, third-offense possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance.

As of this morning, the rapper was still behind bars with bonds totaling $35,300.

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