Brad Pitt, Make It Right

Courtesy: Make It Right

Brad Pitt, can you do no wrong?

The latest reason to love the hunky Hollywood actor even more comes just in time for the holiday season, as the 49-year-old star is encouraging fans to donate to Make It Right—the organization Pitt formed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2007 to help build healthy homes and communities for people in need.

Angelina Jolie's other half penned a note to his loyal fans, encouraging donations of any shape or size: 

Brad Pitt is always looking to do-good! Find out what he did for a British hospital in need

"Make It Right helps disabled veterans, victims of natural disaster, seniors and disadvantaged families by providing healthy, beautiful, affordable homes. You can help too by giving a light bulb, a toilet, even a whole house!" the four-time Academy Award nominee wrote.  

It's easy to donate on the Make It Right website regardless of how much you can afford to give. Community plants are only $25, while the ultimate gift—a whole house for a family in need—costs $150,000.

We always appreciate the A-list actor for his do-gooding ways!

The world needs more Brad Pitts (not just for his looks, but also for his heart!). 

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