Barbra Streisand

Frank Foden/

Barbra Streisand is certainly golden, but she wasn't nominated or a Golden Globe Thursday for her role in Guilt Trip.

Paramount, however, was confident Seth Rogen's costar would score a nom for her role in the flick and went ahead and touted Babs' nonexistent accolade in a promo posted Wednesday night, as first noted by Deadline.

When Barbra wasn't nominated Thursday morning, Paramount quickly yanked the clip. The studio then said in a statement that they had "every hope…that she would be duly recognized" for her "incredible performance in the film."

"Like all studios, we create many advertising spots in advance of the key award nomination announcements so we are prepared in the event of a nomination," Paramount's statement continued. "One such spot was inadvertently posted online and immediately taken down."

We don't think Babs will be too bummed out about the snub, though. She's been nominated for Golden Globe Awards in the past and won Best Director in 1984 for Yentl. She was also the winner of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's lifetime achievement honor, the Cecil B. DeMille Award, in 2000.

Guilt Trip opens Dec. 19.

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