Sarah Jessica Parker

Nigel Waldron/Getty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker had a very unexpected surprise while trying to fly back home to the U.S. earlier today.

The Sex and the City star, who's been in Oslo, Norway, for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert this week, was briefly delayed while traveling when a member of her entourage was caught with a pair of stolen sunglasses.

A spokesman for the Oslo airport police tells E! News, "I can confirm a member of Sarah Jessica Parker's entourage was blocked from getting on a plane for stealing sunglasses. She accepted the fine of 8,000 krones ($1,398.46 U.S.) and was let go."

SJP's rep tells E! News the person detained was not the actress's assistant and that the delay did not cause her to miss her plane, as she flew out as scheduled on the flight.

Meanwhile, a rep for the Nobel Institute says, "This individual is not an employee of and has no connection to the Nobel Institute, which awards the Peace Prize and presents the Peace Prize Concert. She is a freelance makeup artist who was contracted by an outside agency that specializes in that area."

A rep for the makeup artist (who's actaully been featured with Parker on The Hollywood Reporter in the past) later clarified the situation, telling E! News "she was purchasing items in a duty free shop early yesterday at the Oslo airport and mistakenly failed to remove a pair of sunglasses from her cart while rushing to the gate. While there have been no chrages against her, she is sorry for any embarrassment this misunderstanding has caused."

Glad to hear SJP finally made it home safe and sound.

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