In case you hadn't noticed, Mel Gibson hasn't exactly been coming off like Prince Charming these days.

And according to Violet Kowal, who says she had an intimate relationship with the actor between July 2009 and last January, he didn't save his angry outbursts for Oksana Grigorieva.

"He seemed like he was on edge," Kowal says in an exclusive interview with E! News, airing Thursday at 7 p.m. "He can snap. The nice guy can suddenly be a guy who is angry and aggressive."

While "nice guy" hasn't been used in the same sentence as "Mel Gibson" in a while, Kowal insists that, when she first met the Oscar winner through a friend in 2007, he was "charming" and "appeared like a loving and caring father."

Gibson was separated from his wife of 28 years, Robyn, at the time, but she didn't file for divorce until April 2009. News of Grigorieva's pregnancy broke that May, two months before Kowal's alleged relationship with the actor began.

When Kowal gave her story to the National Enqurier, which referred to her as an "XXX-rated film producer," in May following his breakup with Grigorieva, Gibson's rep called it an "absurd fabrication."

As for her past in porn, Kowal says that the closest she has come to working in adult entertainment is running a website that sells lingerie and "adult novelties."

"He called me up [in July 2009]," Kowal tells E! News. "We chitchatted on the phone and he invited me to his home in Malibu. I was kind of nervous; he was very friendly. We spent a lot of time talking.

"I felt really good around him," she added. "He never said a word about Oksana or the baby," or his now ex-wife.

The two of them used to talk a lot about health and fitness, Kowal says.

"His pantry looks ilke a GNC store," she describes, adding that she once witnessed him taking out a tool that "looked like a pen" and telling her, "That's human growth hormone."

Then "he lifted his shirt and he injected himself."

Overall, Kowal says, she and Gibson got together seven times to talk and have sex, saying they "had a really good time."

"He wasn't aggressive, he was gentle," she continues. "I never spent the night at his place," but  "we always met at his home. One time we met at his office in Santa Monica. We had sex in his office."

And in his office, she tells us, Gibson had various posters from his past movies, on which he'd drawn mustaches on his fellow actors' faces.

Asked if he ever gave her presents, Kowal says she "got money from him. The first time I got it for my birthday. Later he gave me money so I could treat myself."

But when the media got wind of their romance, Kowal says, a different side of Gibson showed itself.

"He got very angry," she says. "He called me up. He was very scary. He was screaming. He said he would make me suffer. He didn't want the relationship to come out. He blamed me for the situation. He called me up, he screamed at me and threatened me on the phone. He was furious. He was losing it."

Asked if she's afraid of Gibson, Kowal says, "Yes."

After he supposedly blew up at her over the phone [allegedly on Jan. 6, the same day of his recorded fight with Grigorieva], she says, "I went into hiding for a month. I went out of town, I was afraid he was going to come after me."

The worst thing she ever heard him say, she says, was "Bitch, don't f--k me over. I will make you suffer."

"I think he has an anger problem," Kowal concludes. "When he gets angry, he gets really angry."

(Originally published July 29, 2010, at 4:05 p.m. PT)

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