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Comic-Con 2010

Irish eyes won't be smiling when SAMCRO rolls into Belfast.

Sons of Anarchy helmer Kurt Sutter revealed at Comic-Con Sunday that he's taking his show on the Ireland!

If you saw the devastating season-two finale, you know the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club isn't planning a riding tour of the Emerald Isle. So what is on the agenda? Sutter and stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman gave us a few clues...

"We are obsessively and unrestingly trying to find the kid and answer this horrific violation," Perlman told us about Clay and the club's focus this season, which picks up several days after the season-two finale.

"Our pursuit of Abel really breaks open the world," Hunnam said SAMCRO's journey to Ireland. "John Teller had a lot to do with Ireland and the origin of gun running and the Sons of Anarchy. So, it's through us going to Ireland, inevitably, we learn a little bit more" about Jax's father and founder of the club.

The SOA stars were less forthcoming about the fate of Jax and Tara, but it's not looking good: "I think it's a darker Jax than we've seen thus far," Charlie said.

Sutter confirmed that True IRA leader Jimmy O (Titus Welliver, aka the Man in Black) will appear in at least eight episodes, along with Kenny Johnson (Saving Grace and The Shield), Paula Malcomson and James Cosmo. Hal Holbrook will also be introduced this season as Gemma's dad, Katey said, "and we find out a little bit more about why a sweet girl like Gemma joined a motorcycle club."

While the boys are in Belfast, Gemma is running from the law: "I'm away from my family, which is exactly the thing [Gemma] hates the most," Katey told us. "The thing she loves the most is being with her family...I love how [fans] respond to the family nature of the show."

The show hits close to home for Katey: Kurt Sutter is her husband. "I really created this role not just for [Katey], but really as a result of her," Kurt told us, "and influenced by what a strong, maternal presence she has. And not that she's hittin' people with skateboards to protect my kids, but she's a pretty fierce mom."

Sons of Anarchy returns September 7 on FX. Are you revved up to see the return of Gemma and her fierce family?


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