James Tupper

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

If the scrubs fit, why ditch 'em?

Fresh off his stint as short-lived Mercy's army doc, ABC confirms reports that James Tupper has transferred hospitals, joining the ranks of Grey's Anatomy.

And here's what brings Anne Heche's loverboy to the Seattle Grace Mercy West scene (whew—mouthful!):

Thanks to EW.com's clever sleuthing, ABC tells us James checks into Grey's as Andrew Perkins, a trauma counselor brought in to aid the staff in the aftermath of last season finale's bloody hospital shoot-out.

Hence the name McTreaty—like a therapist. You get it, right?!

Sadly, James is only set to appear in two episodes of Grey's Anatomy's seventh season, but fingers crossed for more. We love us some Tupper.

Thoughts on this casting scoop? Fill us in below.


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