Taylor Lautner, Eclipse

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Which Twilight gal admitted during all the hoopla recently:

"Taylor [Lautner] is amazing. I feel inappropriate saying that because he literally just turned 18."

Wow, we were a bit surprised when this particular Eclipse performer 'fessed up to breathing a little heavier when it comes to the ab-tastic Taylor.

Any guesses who the frank babe is?

It's...Bryce Dallas Howard!

We chatted with B.D.H. during the Eclipse parties, and she was busy explaining how she totally—and effortlessly—gets into the mindset of Twi-hards during these events.

See, even though Bryce freshly stars in the new vampire film, she's confessed she's still a fan at heart, especially of the on-screen man candy:

Bryce Dallas Howard, Eclipse

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"I was a huge fan of this series. I read the books before I even saw Twilight, which I also saw on opening day. So I understand the passion these stories elicit because that's how I feel myself. This is wild! But I kind of get it, too. Like I'd show up at this for Robert Pattinson to be perfectly honest. And Taylor!"
Love this girl, she's so down to earth BTW, as well as classy.

Nice Team Jacob add on there at the end, you'll have a good career babe!

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