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When you're about to marry a no-holds-barred comedian, you expect to find yourself in stitches every once in a while. But this can't be what Katy Perry had in mind.

The spelling-averse "California Gurls" songbird received 17 stitches to her right leg this week after suffering a mysterious yet no doubt very painful injury. So what happened?

Let's just say, she should've heeded Gloria Estefan's warning.

The rhythm got her.

"17 stitches later…Don't make fun of my dance moves tomorrow," she tweeted yesterday. "That's what got me here in the 1st place! Thanks for the souvenir Canada :)!"

There are no details on what, exactly, went down, though the intermittently reliable Daily Mail seems bent on their theory that Perry took a tumble during a particularly jubilant dance session at a Toronto nightclub Sunday night, shortly after her performance at the MuchMusic Awards.

Whatever the case, Perry the trooper didn't back out of any appearances and yesterday performed on the Canadian TV show Live @ Much while sporting a brand new accessory: a surgical stocking on her leg.

"Thinking about getting a candy cane walker made up for this performance coming up," she tweeted. "I will be expecting YOU to dance for me, okay?! Oy vey…"

Rough gig, but there are worse things that could happen. Like showing up at the airport dressed like a candywhore.

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Check out Katy rocking the red carpet hours before the accident at the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards!

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