Lady Gaga, Jerry Seinfeld

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Katy Perry, take note. This is how you feud with Lady Gaga.

By now we're all familiar with the backstory: half-naked exhibitionist goes to Mets game, flips off photographers and takes up residence in Jerry Seinfeld's VIP box, all unbeknownst to the comic.

Well, consider him, uh, beknownst. And from the sounds of it, less than impressed.

Of course, it all started off nice enough.

"I wish her the best," he said in an interview with New York's WFAN radio of the Gaga brouhaha. "You know, you take one 'a' off of that, you've got gag."

And a comedian on a roll.

"I don't know what these people think or how they promote their careers," he said. "I'm older, I'm 56…I'm not one of these 'all publicity is good' people. People talk about you need exposure—you could die of exposure. I don't understand how this is good for her."

Just like most people won't understand how this is good for him—though make no mistake, it is.

Still, so far, so harmless, right? Not for long. Joking or not, Seinfeld soon went for the jugular (it must've taken him awhile to find it under all those rhinestones and glitter).

"You know I changed my mind, you're right, this woman's a jerk. I hate her. I can't believe they put her in my box that I paid for. You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we're living in now?

"It's pathetic."

When asked if he was aware of her skybox takeover, he responded, "No, how would I know anything? I wasn't even there.

"I came for the night game and heard all about it. That was a double-header that day, remember? Oh, she's a jerk. Giving the finger, what is she giving the finger? Speaking of interesting and new…how old is the finger?"

Well, it certainly sounds like a bit. And being the older, arguably wiser and supposedly more mature performer, Seinfeld did at least end with something of a compliment. Albeit couched between some more slams.

"Get an act—rhinestone bikinis and giving people the finger?" he mused. "She is talented, I don't know why she's doing this stuff."

He was equally unimpressed with her antics over at the Yankees clubhouse later in the month.

"Oh please," he said. "Wake me when it's over."

Sorry to break it to you, Jerry, but it may be a while.

(Originally published June 22, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. PT)

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